Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Arizona food scene

Arizona is mostly known for its desert destinations. It also follows that when a place attracts many tourists, it had better be a spot for the best dining experiences around. In case you stop by Arizona, you might want to try some of these unforgettable food stops.

1. Che-Ah-Chi

This place provides probably the most heavenly dining experience in Arizona. With its floor to ceiling windows, visitors can get a breathtaking view of the night sky with its dazzling stars as they enjoy a sumptuous meal. In the day, the view takes one right into the Boynton Canyon, which is a sight to behold in itself. Che-Ah-Chi is mostly known for its lobster bisque, which absolutely goes well with the local wine.

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2. Cottage Place

This place gets its name from its reputation of being one of the coziest dining spaces in Arizona. It also happens to have made a mark after being recognized by as one of the top 100 restaurants in America. What put it on the map is its house-made ravioli with its interesting filling of forest mushrooms, onions and goat cheese, topped with a sweet marsala cream sauce.

Tinderbox Kitchen

The Tinderbox Kitchen draws a lot of visitors largely because of the creative genius of Chef Scott Heinonen who proudly caters “redefined American comfort food.” His creations are so good that he was hired as a personal chef by no less than Beatles legend Paul McCartney. Tinderbox offers a wine marinated strip steak that is charred to perfection while it maintains a juicy core that melts in one’s mouth, a dish that lasts in one’s memory for a long time.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Full Body Moves To Burn And Strengthen

Workouts have evolved throughout the decades. From isolation movements, fitness enthusiasts have developed movements that made use of more than just one muscle group. These newer compound movements would become the basis for a different kind of training that stresses strength and endurance over bodybuilding. Here are two of the full-body exercises that are sure to burn and strengthen your body.

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Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers is one of those exercises that people love to hate, but they know how beneficial it is, so they do it anyway. It relies on both shoulders and core muscles to keep you steady and engages the legs for the burn. You’ll need to prop yourself up on your hands. You can do this on a chair, a box, or on the floor. The movement will be akin to you climbing a mountain as you use your legs alternately as you were moving forward.

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Probably the king of compound bodyweight exercise, burpees are designed to torch fat and strengthen the physique more than almost all the other exercises out there. The intensity of doing burpees is off the charts, and so is its fat-burning capability. You have to be standing up to perform it. In a singular motion, bend down, plant your hands on the floor, and kick your legs out behind you. You should be propped up on your arms. Perform a push up before kick off with your legs so that they’re back under you. Use your legs to stand straight up, and jump up reaching the sky.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Many people assume that accountants do mundane tasks. I also think the job can get boring, especially as it deals with numbers everyday. But there is more to accounting than just crunching numbers.
Forensic accounting (also called financial forensics or forensic accountancy) is a specialty practice area of accounting that focuses on analyzing financial documents for fraud, embezzlement, or other onerous financial dealings that could figure in legal proceedings. Financial accountants are thus expected to have exemplary accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to identify irregularities in financial reports, documents, and statements, uncover relevant fiscal information, and trace and recover stolen funds. And this specialist role calls for individuals who are not only good at analyzing numbers but are attentive to details and has a mindset of a detective.
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While their work may not be as prominent as compared to those of doctors or lawyers, financial accountants for many years have played critical roles in some of the most notable cases in recent history. For instance, during the much-publicized divorce of singer Paul McCartney and former model Heather Mills, forensic accountants were hired by Mills to investigate the real net worth of the former Beatle. McCartney claimed that his net worth during that time was only around a million pounds. Mills, however, believed that it was twice the amount.
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Another famous case that made use of the expertise of forensic accountants was the Robert Maxwell embezzlement. It was revealed after the media tycoon died in 1991 that he had been stealing from shareholders, clients, and employees for years. It took a team of financial accountants around 15 years to uncover that Maxwell embezzled approximately $1 billion.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Lift It Up: Reasons To Start Weight Training

Just because you’ve got the abs and you can flex your arms with confidence, it doesn’t mean you should never lift weights. Weight training is a great exercise, and here are reasons a lot of men and women swear by it.

It helps strengthen your bones

As we age, we experience a decrease in bone mass. This might result in injury and fractures that can affect daily activities. Weightlifting can help reduce the likelihood of fracture in your vertebrae or hips.

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It’s a great way to lose fat and tone muscles

A lot of people, especially women, turn to cardio to reduce belly fat. While cardio can also help people trim down fat, it can also be a way for them to shed muscle. Weightlifting can help people lose fat and maintain a toned body at the same time.

It’s a stress-relieving activity

No, weightlifting is not that hard and stressful. In fact, it helps people relieve stress. According to studies, people who are physically fit have lower stress hormones than those who’d rather munch on their favorite comfort food when feeling stressed. Not only does it relieve stress, but it also helps people reach their goals and test their limits.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Play Hard: Why Women Can Play Rugby Too

It's very difficult to get rid of the notion that boys are stronger than girls, especially in contact sports. A lot of ladies are being judged for the way they look and for the sports they play. Most of the time, you would hear people saying that girls shouldn't be playing such a dangerous and physical game like rugby. Here are a few reasons why that shouldn’t stop you from playing anyway:

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Getting a good workout

A rugby game lasts for 80 minutes with only a short halftime break. In that time, you need to run, tackle, and push back players from the opposing team. That alone, constitutes a very intense physical workout. Just imagine the training it would require to be able to play well. High intensity workouts will do wonders for your health and endurance when you play the game.

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Being part of a team

There is nothing quite like the feeling of belongingness and there's no place better than being on a team. While this is true for team sports, being in a women's rugby team is a very humbling experience. You know your teammates have your back no matter what and that's an amazing feeling.

Joining is easy

You don't have to worry if you're too small or too big; anyone can play rugby. There's a role for everyone despite your build. This means you won't have to be self-conscious. Plus, joining a team would probably make you feel more confident in yourself.

Having fun

Getting tackled while running around in a field trying to score a goal or working together to push back against your opponents doesn’t sound so fabulous. In fact, the thought of diving headfirst into the ground is kind of a turn off but you will learn to love the rush of adrenaline you feel as you sprint across the field, tackling members of the other team or trying not to get knocked down. It's definitely less glamorous than volleyball but it's fun.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Workout etiquette: No-noes for gym goers

Many people go to the gym nowadays but still, there are some who cannot grasp the simple concept of gym etiquette. Here are some commonly ignored gym rules to live by:

Clean up the equipment before and after use.

One word: hygiene. Would you want to use a machine with left over sweat from the previous user? No, I didn't think so. Common courtesy dictates that you should at least clean up after yourself because the gym is a public place. Respect other gym members by keeping this in mind.

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Don’t hog any of the machines, weights, or showers.

You're not the only one who wants to use the treadmill or lift those weights. Always remember that you are not at home and therefore should always consider the needs of others. Don't hog any equipment for more than is required for your workout. If you must rest between sets, then either don't take too long or let others use it first.

Respect other gym goers' personal space.

When you see someone lifting weights or doing some routines, give them ample space to move. Don't get in their way lest you risk injury to yourself and the other person.

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Wear appropriate and modest clothing.

This is not only meant for female gym goers but to guys as well. Girls shouldn't wear too little or reveal too much. It’s a gym, not a beach. Guys should also forego flashy outfits or avoid going shirtless; not everyone will be comfortable looking at a half-naked dude, buffed or not.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Two Well-known Cases in Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is the practice of investigating financial backgrounds to support a legal case. This is a highly specialized area that requires professionals to gain substantial knowledge both in accounting and finances and the law. 

A forensic accountant’s expert testimony carries a large weight in how juries or judges view the case. The following are two of the most famous cases involving this profession: 

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The divorce between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills: Forensic accounting is not limited to criminal cases. Many divorcing couples seek the assistance of a forensic accountant to ensure proper distribution of assets during a marriage dissolution. 

The divorce between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills is a classic case of this. The case dragged on due to competing valuations of Sir Paul McCartney’s net worth. Initial estimations of his wealth were around £400 million. Ms. Mills argued that he was worth £800 million. A team of accountants was hired and the court settled on a valuation of McCartney’s assets at £450 million. Heather Mills was awarded £16.5 million after the divorce was finalized.

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Tax evasion of Al Capone: Al Capone is considered one of the most notorious gangsters during the 1920s. The police were desperate to catch him redhanded with a crime, though failed to several times. In an interesting turn of events, the police were finally able to imprison Mr. Capone for tax evasion. In 1931, a forensic accountant noticed irregularities in Mr. Capone’s taxes. This allowed the police to proceed accordingly. 

Legal disputes often require the services of several experts. In this day and age, finances are often a topic of disagreement and alleged crimes. Because of the increasing sophistication of financial instruments, forensic accounting has become an in-demand industry. 

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