Saturday, September 30, 2017

Three reasons exercise makes you better at your job

If you exercise regularly, then you understand there are more benefits other than getting fit or losing weight. Exercise helps improve every aspect of our lives, including our work performance. Being more alert at work can help you finish your task faster and even make you more eligible for a promotion. 

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Here are more reasons why you should exercise: 

Exercise improves brain function 

As a worker, your brain is your single most important asset. It is the primary tool you use to accomplish the task, so you want it to stay in top shape all the time. According to studies, people who are physically active score better on cognitive tests than people living a sedentary lifestyle. 

Exercise can spark a breakthrough idea 

Stuck? Needing a marketing idea by the end of the day? Take a walk. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology noted that a 60 percent burst of creative thinking is triggered when the person is walking. So, when you’ve hit a wall, get some fresh air. 

Exercise helps you find your work-life balance 

It might be ironic that squeezing in time to work-out after work helps you balance your already busy day. But in an article in the Harvard Business Review, people who managed to stick to a routine, tend to find an optimal work-life balance. 

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Noteworthy EDM trends this 2017

Whenever someone attempts to make a list of the best EDM tracks and trends, or the best producers for that matter, various EDM camps wage this endless word war. It is a veritable conflict with territories marked with strong beliefs and historical knowledge flaunted like nothing anyone has ever seen before. You can have qualifications and all, but it all boils down to convictions. 

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It is never an easy task to try and predict the direction of any genre. EDM is one of the most confused of all the popular music genres so it’s doubly difficult to say anything about the future. Some perspective, though, can be offered when it comes to the record industry itself that governs the production, release, and distribution of EDM. Of course, there are also new subgenres that would find their way into the ever-confusing but consistently exciting mix. 

Revenues from live music events, recordings, and streaming this year can kick off renewed interest in the genre. Although there was a noticeable slowing down of sales, EDM will continue to find niche markets to sustain the genre. There are also a lot of artists being introduced by companies like Spinnin Records, from Hasse de Moor to Mike Williams. 

There are also significant efforts to reinvigorate subgenres that are starting to become filled with tired, old tricks. UK deep house, progressive, and big room house would have to find more ways to stuff the gaps with innovation. The structure of breakdowns, buildups, and drops may have to be revamped. Tropical house and power house are starting to gain traction and might continue to surprise EDM fanatics with new tracks. So far, future bass in the hands of Chainsmokers and Marshmello is burning every house down.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

A reminder for business owners: Avoid these accounting mistakes

Running a business isn’t just about buying and selling. There are a lot more factors to it such as research, human resources, and accounting. Yes, accounting. On its own, accounting can already be a confusing undertaking for the ordinary man, but when put up against a business, a lot of factors come into play. A lot of mistakes can be made. 

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Take for instance the entering of information into the books of accounts. This also needs to be done on time. Waiting too long can jumble up all the information. Checking and credit statements, as well as income and expense accounts all have to be entered at the soonest. Books of accounts that aren’t updated can lead to more headaches in the future. 

Another common pitfall for a lot of business owners is mixing their personal expenses with that of the company. Truth be told, this is one of the most dangerous pitfalls in business accounting since it is both very tempting and the consequences are far-reaching. Not only can a business fail because of this, if an owner gets tagged using company money to fund his family’s Caribbean vacation, then there can be legal repercussions and perhaps even jail time. 

Be very careful when you do your accounting for your business folks. If possible, hire someone who is at least familiar if you can’t afford a CPA. 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

The most inconsolably heartbreaking moments in Game of Thrones

As if you haven’t had enough, suffering through some of the most painful TV moments from any generation, some people have to rub it in. It’s probably the little Ramsay Bolton in us, which, by the way, Iwan Rheon played with a chilling madness that still gets to you and stays there. 

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In any case, we’ve seen a lot of dead people across seasons and episodes, some more satisfying than others. But there were scenes with or without physical deaths that were unbelievably heartbreaking, which probably made you stare at the monitor a bit longer than you should. Here are some of them:

Ned Stark’s execution 

There is no way to describe the sadness of this scene. Arya is at the foot of the statue of Baelor the Blessed and then goes down. She wades through the crowd to go to her father. Yoren stops her and tells her not to look. A few seconds before Ned loses his head, the background noise fades and you only hear his breathing. The last scene is Arya’s face turned to the direction of the sky, and the only sound you could hear are the wings of birds fluttering. 

Catelyn Stark talks about Jon Snow 

The Starks and their bannermen stop to rest on the way to Riverrun for Lord Tully’s funeral. Talisa tries to make small talk by asking about the prayer wheel. Eventually, Catelyn starts talking about how she made two of them before: one for Bran and the other one for Jon Snow. She reveals that she asked the gods to take the boy away. He got the pox, and she asked the gods to make him well again. She promised that she would love the boy as her own if he survives, and he did. But she couldn’t keep her promise. She then tells Talisa that all the misfortunes of her family right now happened because of her, all because she “couldn’t love a motherless child.” 

Hodor’s death 

This one broke the Internet, and everyone’s heart, of course. Hodor’s only reason for being was to sacrifice himself for Bran, which he did fulfill in the end. There was nothing more horrific than Hodor holding the door and not budging a bit. This is something you have to see for yourself for it to make sense, assuming you haven’t seen it or any of the episodes, in which case the next appropriate question is: under what rock have you been living? 

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sports Memorabilia: How To Determine If An Autograph Is Real

Collecting sports memorabilia is a hobby I’m very passionate about. Part of it is knowing that what I collect is a part of a great history. In my experience as a collector, I’ve encountered sellers trying to sell memorabilia with fake autographs. Some of them though, are victims themselves.

Here are ways you can spot the differences between a fake autograph and a real one.

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Compare the autograph against a real one

The best way to know if an autograph is authentic, is to compare it to a real one. Look closely for discrepancies between the two. If a signature appears unnaturally shaky, this could be a sign. Check for other signs such as:

  • Width and length of individual letters
  • Space between letters
  • The position of the tittle in “j” and “i”

Ensure the signature is spelled correctly

This is the easiest way to spot a fake. It’s reasonable to assume that in authentic autographs, the person in question knew how to spell their own name. If you spot a misspelling, it’s most likely a fake.

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Use an authenticator

If you’re really unsure whether or not the signature in question is authentic -- and you’re about to cash out a large amount of money for it – it’s best to employ the help of a professional authenticator.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Are Dad Hats Here To Stay?

Current streetwear attire would not be complete without its signature head gear: the dad hat.Everybody wears it—from your uncle and aunt, nephews and nieces, to your classmates and friends. And yes, even your dad.


But why is it so popular lately?The easy answer is the hype created by celebrities like Kanye West, the Kardashians, and other western cultural icons who have been seen wearing these hats.Add to this the fact that brands like Palace, Adidas, and Supreme have caught on and are producing them in massive quantities.

The curved-brim style and adjustable-strap design are not really new, of course.These are staple for golfers and baseball players and their fans. A good argument for the dad hat’s trendiness is the vintage look that millennial fashion has embraced. It sits well on your head as a complementary accessory to again-trendy bomber jackets, oversized tees, jogger pants, and bulky sneakers. Everyone wants to go back to the ‘90s in 2016 and 2017.


But will it stay trendy for long? Already, fashion gurus like the people at Complex magazine are saying that the dad hat has worn itself out. And it’s not like it made passé the good old snap-back, which persists despite the dad hat’s appeal to the herd. So, maybe it’s time to flip back to the snap-back. And stand out.

I'm Jack Bonner, a student and part-time bank clerk from Arizona. I've amassed a modest collection of sports themed snap-back hats and jerseys. I’m a sports guy, and I play a bit of rugby and remain an ardent follower of the University of Arizona Rugby and USA Rugby teams. Hit me up on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Arizona food scene

Arizona is mostly known for its desert destinations. It also follows that when a place attracts many tourists, it had better be a spot for the best dining experiences around. In case you stop by Arizona, you might want to try some of these unforgettable food stops.

1. Che-Ah-Chi

This place provides probably the most heavenly dining experience in Arizona. With its floor to ceiling windows, visitors can get a breathtaking view of the night sky with its dazzling stars as they enjoy a sumptuous meal. In the day, the view takes one right into the Boynton Canyon, which is a sight to behold in itself. Che-Ah-Chi is mostly known for its lobster bisque, which absolutely goes well with the local wine.

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2. Cottage Place

This place gets its name from its reputation of being one of the coziest dining spaces in Arizona. It also happens to have made a mark after being recognized by as one of the top 100 restaurants in America. What put it on the map is its house-made ravioli with its interesting filling of forest mushrooms, onions and goat cheese, topped with a sweet marsala cream sauce.

Tinderbox Kitchen

The Tinderbox Kitchen draws a lot of visitors largely because of the creative genius of Chef Scott Heinonen who proudly caters “redefined American comfort food.” His creations are so good that he was hired as a personal chef by no less than Beatles legend Paul McCartney. Tinderbox offers a wine marinated strip steak that is charred to perfection while it maintains a juicy core that melts in one’s mouth, a dish that lasts in one’s memory for a long time.

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